We see ourselves as service providers in the whole area of notaryship. We advise and support our clients quickly, professionally and comprehensively and can prepare, certify and manage complex contracts precisely and swiftly any time and at short notice.


Our particular specialities are:

  • Real Estate Law – including contracts for the sale and the development of real estate, portfolio transactions, supervision of large project developments in commercial and residential real estate, division of real estate, real-estate finance, transfer contracts

  • Company Law – including setting up companies, capital increases, share transfers, M&A contracts, corporate conversion (mergers, demergers, change of legal form), supervision of company succession, the recording of shareholder meetings/general meetings, investment and shareholder agreements (advice on start-ups/venture capital)

  • Inheritance Law – including wills, succession planning, estate settlement, applications for certificates of inheritance, execution of wills

We also have special expertise in the field of voluntary land- and real-estate auctions. This includes the notarial supervision of real-estate auctions organized by the largest German property auction house, the Deutsche Grundstücksauktionen AG, and its subsidiaries

Our support staff have been specially trained for their work in the fields of notaryship and legal representation. They take care of our clients swiftly, competently, comprehensively and with a high degree of expert knowledge. Every case is dealt with by a specific member of our staff who will be able at any time to explain the latest state of affairs and give a progress account.



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